What Are Some Glitches In Scribblenauts?


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Make a submarine, then, make an air vent at the other side of level. Get in submarine and shoot the air vent (P.S: The air vent should be facing the submarine) if done correctly, the torpedo should slow down and fly backwards. Also, if a torpedo is in midair, summon a guy and drag him onto the torpedo, he should turn yellow. If done correctly, the man should ride the torpedo, but then the torpedo would fall and the guy would die, so I use vampire/blood for that torpedo riding stunt.
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Make an air vent   float on top of it   make an air vent   put it under neath you   you go in the sealing   if you move around in the sealing you can get to the starite when you come out in some levels
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Lasso up a trampoline. Then jump as it comes toward you... FLY!!

Shockgun a corpse

get an archeologist, and give him a whip. Drop a Diamond near him. Then make a Crystal sugar where he can reach it!

Glue a target to the back of a(n) archer/ranger/bowman.

Glue a saddle to ANYTHING to ride it.

Glue a propeller to your hat to fly.

Get wings on max. Get lighting. ZAP! Flaming max forever.

Get a magic carpet, and fly up to a high stop. Drop before you run out of fly ability.

Use blue magic on a door/fence, and put it in a vending machine. Stand under the machine and interact with it.

Make an excavator car. Put it part way (1 cm) into the ground. Quickly get into it.

Make 2 rabbits!

Werewolf. Then FULLMOON. Makes human!

Vampires, slime, and god(s) are invincible.
Vampire kills: WOODEN STAKE
slime kills: GUNS, EXPLOSIVES
god kills: Vampires, slime, death, ECT

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