How Do I Get Into The Olde Town Sewers In Wizard 101?


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Wizard 101 is a free online game that is suitable for the entire family. While playing the game you may notice some people in the sewers around town. This is due to an old programming glitch that has never been cleared up and if you'd like to get there yourself you'll have to teleport your way there.

To play the game simply browse to their web site at and register yourself by filling in the information they ask for. You'll need a valid email address for verification purposes and after your account is verified, you can start playing the game right away. The web site features more than just games though. There are online forums where you can talk to other game players and get their secrets and shortcuts for playing the game more effectively and have even more fun. There are message boards where you can post questions and get answers on a timely basis. There is also a link where you can ask questions and get technical assistance from the staff at Wizards 101.  You can also read community news about new game features and other topics of interest to game players.

The game itself is an adventure game for one or more players. You can explore far away worlds, fight duels with other game wizards, and collect card magic. You can crate your very own student wizard and undertake adventures and challenges in an attempt to up your status to full-blown wizard. Your entire family can play the game as there is no violence or graphic images that could harm a child. It's good clean fun that children of almost any age are sure to love and spend hours playing.

Log on today and register and you can begin playing this great online game for the entire family.

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