What Is The Code For A Sankey Dvd Player?


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The question must be careful with the direction it is leading - Blurtit cannot advise how to hack a piece of hardware or software; it can only advise if there is a legitimate reason it's locked and a legitimate options to unlock it. Under Section 2.4 of the Blurtit terms of service: "When using the Blurtit Q&A service, please recognize that the answers provided are not necessarily correct. And Blurtit are not responsible for any consequences resulting from your reliance on any Blurtit service. Blurtit Q&A should never be used as a substitute for advice from a qualified professional."

The question itself is incorrect, too. The question wishes to find out the codes to program a remote control to work with a Sankey DVD player.

Unfortunately we could not find a website for Sankey or a legitimate source for codes pertaining to a Sankey DVD player and universal remote controls. It is advisable that you refer to the documentation that came with the DVD player to find a solution. These documents should be very explanatory as to how to synchronize a universal remote control; however, in some cases there is almost no guidance at all. In this case you should contact their technical support.

Alternatively, most universal remotes do have an automatic scanning function. The instruction manual that comes with your remote should tell you how to initiate this process. Again, their technical support will be able to help if there is no success with the instruction manual. A quick use of a search engine will find the appropriate contact details for the remote manufacturer if the manual doesn't list it.

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