How Do I Change Region Code For My Sony DVD Player?


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My dear you need to provide the model of sony which you would like to get unlocked. Since you would like to play the DVD of another region other than yours, therefore you need to get your DVD Player unlocked. Take a look here and select your DVD Player from the list to get your DVD Player unlocked against a fee.
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Well there are quite a few online web-sites which offer unlock-codes for various different models of Sony DVD players like,

A DVD player basically is a gadget which not only plays discs for DVD Video standard but also plays discs under the standard of DVD Audio, but both these mechanical standards are quite diverse and are incompatible. Nearly all hardware DVD players have to be attached to a television set; though there are particular types of portable gadgets which have a LCD screen fixed to it.

Normally all DVD players let users play CDs as well as Video CDs. Quite a few latest versions of DVD players also play latest formats like MPEG-4, which is quite well known on the internet.
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Just click on Unlock My Sony DVP-NS75h and place your order and get it unlocked against a very nominal fee of $ 8.99 as of today. Enjoy Entertainment with no restrictions.
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All models of Sony DVD players are fitted with a code called a regional lockout code. A regional lockout code is a practice, code, chip or physical barrier. It is used to prevent the media originating from one country, which can be played only on a device from its country of origin, from being played on the corresponding version of the same device which is sold in another country. A regional lockout code is a form of vendor lock-in.

Sony has a regional lockout code for Universal Media Disc (UMD) movies. It is because of this that movie buffs in Japan and elsewhere have to pay almost thrice the price to watch a UMD version of a movie than their counterparts in the United States. It is legal in Japan to import movies. Restriction of imports is prohibited by law in Japan. However, the regional lockout code makes it difficult to play a disc that is originally from another region without using the appropriate additional technological measures.

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