What Is The Comcast Remote Code For GPX DVD Player?


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A great website where you can find codes for your remote control is This is a website that specializes in all things related to technology and there are many forums within the website where people have asked similar questions. If this code does not work, you can also search through older forums to see if the answer lies there. There are many technology experts who regularly congregate on these forums and can provide answers to many of your technology questions.

  • Other websites
There are other websites you could use such as and where similar questions have been asked. Alternatively, you could visit the Comcast website where there is a list of codes for many different types of device. The website, however, does not include codes for GPX devices.

  • Manually search
It is also possible to manually search for a code by using your remote. To do this, begin by turning on the device you wish to program and then hold down the DVD button on the remote. Press the 'OK' button on the remote and it should start scanning through different codes. The DVD button will flash when the remote believes it has found the correct code and if you find that you can turn the DVD player off with the remote, you know that the remote has found the correct code.

  • Contact Comcast
If this still does not work, visit At the bottom of the page there is a 'Contact us' link which will take you to 6 different options for contacting Comcast. You can send them an email, have a live web chat, call them, leave feedback, ask the forum or ask a question. Chose the best option for you and ask your question. Comcast promise to reply ASAP.

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