What Are The Advantages Of Multiprogramming System?


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It makes efficient use of cpu by overlapping the demands for the cpu and its input/output devices for various users..
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I'm not sure what this even means?  Do you mean what are the advantages of having multiple operating systems?  If you do then it would simply depend on the user.  I have Mac OSx Snow Leopard, Vista Home Premium, and Backtrack HT installed on my system.  There are numerous advantages.  But I would argue if you know nothing about linux, there are little to no advantages of having it installed on your system.  There are of course numerous disadvantages, data sharing is difficult if your operating systems do not recognize the format in which each operating system is installed in. Additionally, each system requires large chunks of hard drive space which cannot be allocated to programs.  And certain operating systems are going to be significantly slower depending on where they are physically installed on the hard drive as it typically takes significant time to seek data that is further out on the spindle (although you might disagree with me if you have ever seen a hard drive aperture function with the cover off).  And finally, you will have to constantly boot and reboot the system to get into programs you legally own depending on which platform you have purchased licenses for.  

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