What Are The Sample Computer Engineering Thesis Title?


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It is difficult to list titles for samples regarding a computer engineering thesis due to the variations of content the thesis paper may have. It is far better to consider what the content of your thesis is about. What computer engineering are you discussing? Computer engineering includes electrical engineering, computer science, software design, microprocessors, personal computer systems, and much more. Given the fact that there are various parts to computer engineering like hardware, software, and processors it can lead to different topics in a thesis paper. Most often a thesis is designed around a new concept.  Thesis papers generally have titles that are ten to fifteen words. A title needs to explain in full detail what the paper is supposed to be about. Here are some examples of titles used for papers relating to electrical and computer engineering. These titles have been used and published:
* Design and Modeling of Device Characteristics and Process
* Development of a High Frequency Probe Station Built to Study Spin Values
* Current Density Limitations of Spin Values
* A Microprocessor Based Energy Saving Motor Controller Evaluation
* Speedup of Optical Scanner Characterization System
* Idaho Storm Warning System II

You'll notice that a few of the titles are more explicit than others. Those that are more explicit, provide you with more detail about the paper. The last title doesn't give much information about computer engineering, but it does tell you they are talking about a warning system for Idaho and storms.  Whenever you create a title for any paper it should be as explicit as possible. The more detailed you can be, the more help you are to your readers. Thesis papers are meant to be detailed within the body of the paper too, so it does matter in what you choose for your title.
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You can browse thesis samples by title here on the University of Victoria Libraries online. Biometrics and virtual classroom topics are frequently chosen by college students to write master's thesis papers on and there's a portflio of engineering projects done by the students of Arizona's Electrical & Computer Engineering program.

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