On DS, Pokemon Diamond, What TM Is Hydro Pump?


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You can't Find It. But if you have empolian you get it at LV.59!
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It's not a TM.. It is a move learned by pokemon. .
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I cheated to get all 92 TM (95 of each) and there is no hydro pump
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There isn't a hydro pump tm, but ill tell you a little secret.
Put a girl Gyarados that knows hydro pump and a boy salamence in the day care.....
Then if they are attracted to each other, they will make bagon eggs that know hydro pump!!!
I'm not shure if the genders are right though.... It might be a boy Gyarados and a girl salamence...
Sorry I don't know the genders.... ;)
:) turn your head and see a smiley face!
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He is right. I got all 92 tms am it is not one
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You can't get hydro pump as a tm because I have them all and its not there where the hell did you get that idea FREAK

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