How To Remove Facebook Lite And Switch To The Normal Version?


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It just come's up as Page cannot be displayed god I hate facebook lite!
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Go on to d feedback button to the bottom right of your homepage.You will see an option saying switch to the normal facebook,Click on that to install the normal facebook..Hope ive helped you!!!(:
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To bring your profile back to normal Facebook version just open and pick your suitable version.
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We can't find the settings tab
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To bring your profile back to the normal Facebook version just open and pick your suitable version. If you face any problem in doing that, just call the Facebook experts at 1-855-687-0222.

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When you log into facebook, and you are on the facebook lite version, on the very top right of the page it should say 'switch to regular facebook' click on that and it should take you back to the regular version.
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A very simple way to switch back to your Regular Facebook

Go to Settings >> Default tab >> Regular Facebook

Well, this is how you got about it. While being the ” FACEBOOK LITE ” version, First click on settings tab. Then, search and click on Default Tab then, you will find two radio buttons select REGULAR FACEBOOK and click on SAVE.

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