What Is The Characteristics Of File-base System?


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The characteristics of file-base system are as follows:

  • Storage
  • Organization
  • Collections of data
  • Readable
  • Manipulating options
  • Coding

This question was reduced to the basics of any file based system. Thinking this question may be related to computers the information provided above will also work with the concept of the file based system in computers. The file base system is the same whether you are on a computer or using a filing system in your home that is offline.

Any file system is used for storage of data. It is collected and then organized in a manner that will allow the user to pull up the data that is necessary. In a computer you can have collections of data that are organized and hidden as they are not used for everyday computer methods. For example, the Operating System or OS will have files stored in the file base system that it might use, but you will not see the operation.

The data that is stored can be read by a human. In the terms of computers it can be in mathematical forms of data or as a read only file. It can also be in a file that is manipulated by the user or the computer. The manipulation of data is another option for file based systems where the user can go back to a file to tweak it when needed.

With computers there is often a coding system whether it is shown in math or in other methods. You can also have a code system for a regular file cabinet such as dates of birth to look up patients. The aspects mentioned above are the characteristics of file based systems whether it is a computer or a regular filing cabinet. To some degree computers offer more options.

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