What Is A Filebase System?


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A file based system is a collection of application programs that perform services for the users wishing to access information. Each program within a file based system defines and manages its own data. Because of this, there are limits as to how that data can be used or transported. For more information at CodeAvail- Online Computer Science Assignment

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To understand file base you’d need to contrast that with a data-base. So it is like file vs data. The file base system contains blobs (file) of data with no well known organization scheme. The program needs to know the internal data layout to parse the data. This is very useful in transporting encrypted data.

When dealing with a file-based system, your application program must "know" the way the file is ordered and access desired data at a very low level. Contrast that with a database, the knowledge in the metadata enables the application program to access desired data on a much more abstract level. Programming is much easier.

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A filebase system is a method for storing computer files to access them. The File base systems use data storage devices such as hard disk or CD-ROM and also involves maintaining the physical location of those files.
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As compared with the name file base system is a system in which data is stored in different files and can get whenever it is required.
The disadvantage of file base system is that then when you want to retrieve a data you have to collect from different files and it will take a time.
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