Can You Explain The Concepts Of Bit Rate, Baud Rate, Frequency, And Bandwidth


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Bit rate and baud rate are related to one another. A baud/bit rate is the number of bytes being transmitted per second over electronic means. A 36K baud rate is 36000 bytes, and another word for byte, is a bit. Except that the word "bit" is used when differentiating binary language from bulk data streams.

Bandwidth is much different from Frequency, in that they do not operate in the same place. A bandwidth is a physical capability of a line for the transmission of data. When discussing the usage of bandwidth it is referring to the amount of data physically transmitted through the data pipeline.

Frequency is a wave signifier with reference to those waves that we know of. It is, in physics, the number of times that a wave repeats itself against its wave equals one upsurge and one downsurge in a completion of a pattern. Frequency shows in a manner of measurement the number of times such pattern is completed in that unit. The more times the pattern is completed, the higher the frequency. This is the manner of physical, or rather, quasi-physical properties which bring us the electronic and analog audio and video media, and also light, heat, and sounds of nature, such as like Dolphins register when they are "reading" their own sonar. Satellites, Radar, television sets, telephones, radios, microwave ovens, heaters, and the like, all give us the results of their frequencies.
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How the bit rate or baud rate affect the bandwidth needed to transmit an information [video and audio] is yet to be explained.I know that bit/baud rate is proportional to bandwidth. How to explain the theory to a layman for him to visualize and appreciate the relationship is my head ache.

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