What Is The Ten Digit Code To Panfu Gold Package?


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Panfu Gold Package codes are rarer than gold dust. Sometimes competitions are run where codes can be won but in general Panfu Gold Package codes are issued with their premium membership subscription service and as such a fee is charged. It will be highly unlikely given the rarity of these codes and the demand there appears to be for them that anyone winning one would keep it for themselves, and no-one is going to subscribe to the gold package and then pass the code onto someone else.

  • How much is it then?
The official website lists four time-limited memberships that are available to purchase. The best value package works out at a modest $4.90 per month; that's the cost if subscribed for a total of 12 months. Naturally the shorter the commitment the higher the monthly pricing, costing $6.90 for a half-year subscription, $9.90 if taken quarterly and $12.90 for the rolling-month subscription.

  • Is it worth it?
There are plenty of benefits that Gold members enjoy that are not available to the basic members. Here is a list of them:

1. Personalization - Gold Members have the ability to customize their Panda avatars.
2. Interior Design - It is possible to modify the Panda's home to suit individual tastes.
3. Games - As a Gold member you're entitled to access specialist content such as exclusive games, guests, online educational games and language learning.
4. Access to all Panfu member functions such as chat, e-cards and the facility to be able to adopt pets.
5. Free weekly presents
6. 100% advertisement-free

  • Why is there a fee?
Surely it is only fair that the software developers behind Panfu deserve some sort of recompense for providing an attractive, enjoyable and popular online avatar game? While $12.90 per month does appear a little pricey, less than $5 a month seems a very reasonable fee for all the effort that goes into producing Panfu.
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I just need a code for a gold package please thats alll I'm asking for just one code
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