What Are The Importance Of MS PowerPoint?


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MS Powerpoint is a component of MS Office. MS Powerpoint is used to create professional quality presentations (slide-shows) using templates, i.e. Pre-defined layouts. Powerpoint is useful as a visual aid while giving lectures or explaining your business projects.
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That certainly depends on the presentation. Sometimes, without visual references, a presentation can be confusing or boring. However, some people use PowerPoint TOO much. Reading the slide contents is a big mistake - your audience can read what's on the slide - what they want from the speaker is NOT what's printed on the slides.

The quality of the presentation is in the presenter. Just as with any tool, you should use the right one to get the job done. If you can present your topic without using PowerPoint, then you should ask yourself whether or not it's a good idea to include it - what's the benefit. If your presentation would suffer without visual cues, then certainly use it.

Also consider your audience. If you're doing a presentation in front of 1st graders, better include some bells & whistles to keep their attention, right? So PowerPoint works well for that. But the same presentation in front of adults would most likely not need those same bells & whistles - or at least not so many of them - and perhaps you wouldn't need PowerPoint at all.

Seems like audiences these days expect to see slides when attending a lecture or business meeting, etc. But, again, don't use PowerPoint because you can - but because you should. When you should use it - it's certainly important. When you shouldn't - well, you get the idea. I guess PowerPoint's importance is in the mind of the presenter....
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The PPT that means PowerPoint is a today most useful application software we can use to create presentation to audience. Using PPT you can use animation, audio, video, narrators, colors,  images with your presentation. It will help you to make a good audience attractions to your presentation.

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