What Type Move Is Super Effective Against Sableye And Spiritomb?


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Underground once you've talked to 22 people.
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Well nothing other then if you use foresight or oder sleuth then the ghost type is disabled and they can now be hit by fighting moves and seeing as there a dark type as well it's super effective
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Kinda but nothing is super efective against them
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Yeah i guess your right and nice question most people think that every pokemon has there own weakness thats not true you have to put there types into consideration if you want to win i've played pokemon as a child so i know these things can't wait to get heartgold how bout you
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Yea im gonna pre-order it from gamestop and get the figure that comes with it
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Disable their ghost type with oder sleuth and since they are part dark use fighting type moves. .
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You catch it with a Ultra Ball.
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Near Solaceon Town, there is a crumbled down tower. If you put the Odd Keystone in it go underground and talk to 32 people. Hikers who give you goods, orbs, or traps don't count. After you did that, talk to the tower and Spiritomb appears.
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Nothing is super affective against sable ye
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I don't know, I don't play those games, and don't know anyone that does. I am sorry hon. Wish I could help you out.
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What's a spiritomb? I don't think that's a digimon or a yu-gi-oh but I think you should Jesus

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