What Is A Wired Network Adapter?


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Many computers have a network adapter built in that you can use to connect to a wired network. If you want to install the wired network adapter and aren't sure whether your computer already has one, look for a network port on the back of your computer. It is used for the network connections. See here for more information:
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Also called a LAN(Local Area Network) card if it's a separate card.  Many motherboards come with it built in and you'll find it grouped with the other connectors where you plug in USB cables typically.  It connects to the network with an Ethernet cable.  This is an 8 pin connector that looks like a phone connector, only a little larger.  If your network is 10/100 Mbps, you need a CAT-5 cable.  If your network is a 1 Gbps, you'll need a CAT-6 cable and this is pretty common now.  Get the cable length that has a little extra in case you have to move things(like moving the computer out to get at the back.)

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