How Far Will A Lan Network Reach?


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It really depends on where you have the router placed in relation to where the laptop is. Also, it varies greatly from router to router. Say for example though, you had a direct line of site between the two, then most routers claim to have a maxium converage area of anything from 250 feet to 1000 feet.
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John Nawrocki answered
It is more a matter of cable type than anything else , but for point to point connections the generally rule is: --> CAT-5 is rated to 100M-->CAT-5e is rated to 350M-->CAT-6 and CAT6e is rated to 550M or 1000M depending on your source-->CAT-7 is supposedly rated to 700M or presumably 1000M... You probably will not see cat 7 anytime soon.

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