I Was Wondering If Anyone Knew Of An Automatic Port Forwarding Or Configuring Program Like The One That Pure Networks Has Out Called Port Magic, That Is Mac Based, Rather A Program Made Specifically For Mac, Need For Ispq Videochat.


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If you are having trouble with the camera on your Mac, using an automatic port forwarding website such as www.barracudaserver.com is a good place to start. This piece of software, which can be downloaded for free, is a command line prompt which can alter the ports used by Universal Plug and Play (commonly abbreviated to UPnP). It’s a viable alternative to trawling through countless router menus and processes that many advanced computer users needed to rely on.

Of course, to ensure that you don’t do more harm than good, it’s important to follow the detailed instructions that can be found by scrolling down the Barracuda Server’s homepage. Once you visit the website in your Internet browser, you will receive a pop-up window with a video on how to use the software effectively.

Through buying the inexpensive software, Barracuda Server has a customer service desk that is available by phone, instant messaging and email every day during working hours. Once you have purchased the application, you will need to type in the email and password you have been given into barracudaserver.com/products/BarracudaDrive/support.lsp In some cases, you may find that the problems you have been experiencing have already been answered in the frequently-asked questions. It’s a sad truth that you won’t be the first person to experience problems with automatic port forwarding, and you certainly won’t be the last, either!

Make sure you also look at some of the plug ins and recommended pieces of software available on the website, as they may also enhance your computing experience.

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