I Need Manual For Orion Tv Madel No Tv1318, Can You Help?


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You have a number of options available if you are searching the internet for a specific item such as a manual for an Orion TV1318 set.

  • First, the are several user support sites for people having difficulties with electronic equipment, such as lost parts or advice on re-tuning channels. 
Such sites include:,, or You may even be able to download a manual for the TV1318 or a similar model.

  • Second, you could try auction sites such as eBay or eBid. If you can't find the exact manual you need, others may still be able to help, someone selling an Orion TV1318 remote control might still have a copy of the manual, for example.
  • Finally, you could try Orion themselves. You need to contact Sansui, a company Orion subsumed in the 1990s to make their televisions under the Orion brand. Contact 1-800-289-0980, with model number and the TV's serial number ready to hand.

This YouTube-based company sells Orion products, so maybe they can help too:

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