Someone Hacked My Clubpenguin Account And I Cant Change My Password?


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Maybe you should write a letter to the company in charge of it. (Walt Disney) but I have the same problem and I'm not really sure what to do. I know it's hacked because there's a new background and some new furniture I didn't buy in my Club Penguin (CP) home...
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I can't change my password and I really need to because I keep getting hacked and who ever keeps going on mine is buying me all of this stupid stuff and every time I go on mine I have no coins left,my penguin is always dressed different,and my igloo is different too
I can't keep making coins everytime I go on clubpenguin
and everytime I log off I have like 4,000 coins and then when I come back on I have like 102 coins.And thats why I want to change my password>:(
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Someone hacked me on club penguin

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