How Do You Chroot Apache Running Ubuntu?


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You could change OS's or you could use just 'apt-get install libapache2-mod-chroot'

That should be a pretty good start for you.

Good luck and don't believe it when people tell you Ubuntu isn't a server.

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I suggest that you choose another OS for such an operation. Ubuntu is primarily for desktop users and by default it even does not have such basic tools as openssh server or nfs utilities.

What about trying either some of the server like linux, e.g. Debian (which is very similar to Ubuntu by how the OS insides are distributed), or even better solution: OpenBSD or FreeBSD. Which both have excellent documentation on the subject (chrooted Apache).

And if you want to try first, or want to keep Ubuntu on your machine, run them in VirtualBox or Qemu.
Good Luck

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