How Do You Learn To Run A Sound System Mix Board?


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The Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook is mandatory reading for wannabe sound technicians. The best way to do it would be to "buddy up" with a real sound technician and observe.
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You seem to be referring to a mixing console or a sound mixing board and want to learn it. These systems are not an easy thing to learn. It requires a lot of learning and understanding of this machinery. People who have a slight experience of working around sound systems such as amplifiers etc will adapt to these kinds of consoles much faster. It is better to take up a course on sound engineering or sound recording and production for learning these consoles. You can inquire about these courses to any of the universities that are situated in your city. All major universities have music schools and they teach this kind of a course.

Other thing you can do is contact your local radio station and through sufficient contacts, the sound engineer there might teach you how to use it. You can also contact some of your friends who are a disc jockey or something.

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