What Is SQL Light Database?


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There is no such thing as SQL light. There are a few possibilities as to what the term 'SQL Light' may actually be referring to, but as yet there is no product available, either for commercial or home use that officially goes by the name of SQL Light.
SQL, pronounced Sequel and standing for Structured Query Language, is a computer declarative language that is the principle component for managing most Database software. It is what's known as a relational database management system (RDBMS) although it does not actually fit the relational model as described by computer scientist Edgar F Codd.
SQLite is an embedded SQL database engine, which does not require a separate server process and reads and writes directly to ordinary disk files. An in-process library that puts into practice a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine.
This is most likely what may be being referred to as SQL Light. SQLite is used by numerous computing giants such as Apple, Sun Microsystems, Symbian, Adobe and Google. It has been utilized in the development of various well-known software products like the Google Chrome web-browser, Firefox web-browser and Photoshop Lightroom. Other household names that are thought to use SQLite include Microsoft, Airbus, General Electric and Toshiba. Whatever the light/lite refers to it certainly doesn't appear to be its versatility.
In the Windows environment SQL Light often refers to "MSDE". This can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft web site.

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