Why Is Technology Not The Solution To All Scientific Problems?


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That is because humans makes technology and no person is perfect, i.e., computers and technology as a whole is not perfect.  A non perfect being can not make a perfect machine / computer, to solve all scientific problems.  Technology, has helped humans out in many ways, but they can not solve everything.  Ways technology has helped us in the past, transportation and finding information faster.  Advancement of space and missions in to space and so on, but as far as technology is under our control, it will not be enough to solve or fix all scientific problems.Yet many think that A.I is the key to this big problem / question.  Perhaps in time A.I's will be able to succeed where we have not.
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Technology is not the solution of all problem at the current time. Scientist are working hard to solve all the problems. Take the example of medical science. All diseases are not curable so scientist are working hard to find the remedies.

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