How To Open The Security Code Of Nokia 1680c-2?


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All phones have a default security code of 12345, but this can only be used once. If you have no luck with this you can have a look at this site where you should be able to find the details of how to open the security code of your Nokia 1680c-2:

If neither of the above options works, then you will need to take your phone to your nearest Nokia care point so that they can help you. You will be able to find the details of the nearest one to you on this site:

• Security codes
A security code actually protects the phone from unauthorized use and is different from a PIN (Personal Identity Number), which protects the SIM card.

Some cell phone operators configure phones so that they can only be used with their own SIM cards. In these cases, if you enter the security code wrongly, three times, there is a very good chance that the phone will lock permanently and you will have no other choice but to contact your service provider for help.

If your phone is not locked into one network provider, entering the code wrongly for three consecutive times will mean that the phone will automatically switch itself to a 'sleep' mode. If this happens you will need to switch the phone off and leave it for a minimum of 15 minutes, after which you can try the code again. If you still have no success, you will need to take it to a Nokia care point.

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