Can Computers Improve The Quality Of Life Of People?


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There are many factors that suggest computers can indeed improve the lives of people living around the world. Although computers can not provide food and shelter directly, they can assist those providing life necessities such as these, which can make a huge difference. Computers have improved methods of communication, opening goods and services to the world market and allowed for easier and more extensive learning and research. Below some of the ways in which computers can improve the quality of lives of people are discussed.

  • More effective communication

Through the use of the Internet, computer systems have improved methods of communication immensely. People from around the world can now interact via email, instant messages and even online video chat. It takes only a matter of seconds to send a message to somebody across the world, which decades ago would have been unheard of. Businesses benefit from the improved communication methods computers provide on a daily basis; this lowers costs and makes tasks more straightforward.

  • Access to a global market

Again, using the Internet, buyers and sellers can access the global market at a click of a button. This improves the quality of lives of individuals greatly. Consumers have access to a much wider range of goods and services, allowing for more varied choice. Sellers have a larger customer base as they can reach more potential buyers. The prices of some products are reduced due to better information on the part of the consumer and increased standards of competition.

  • Educational opportunities

Students can use computers in the classroom in a number of ways. Producing essays is much easier with the use of a word processor and extensive research can be carried out swiftly. Individuals in some locations can even study for a degree on the Internet, and many other qualifications can also be studied for using online resources.
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Computers connect the planet in a way never seen before in the history of mankind. With internet it is the ultimate information tool. More info than your local library, better communication than a cell phone, and improved ways of media delivery. One day it will replace the tv, the book, and the phone. Libraries will be digital, and paperwork will also become a thing of the past. The computer is changing the world!
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You name it! It is like an addiction though to some. But as many positive things I can name, I can match it with negative things. The largest knowledge builder ever! I love it down to the typing. When we were in school, we had this white out stuff for typo's, but now you just back space. Being able to have a second set of important paper files is a plus. Employers can check criminal records. Actually anyone can.....and the list goes on...

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