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Unfortunately, we are not entirely sure what this question may be asking. If you mean what type of site is, it is a children's site with games, wallpaper downloads, and an instant messenger. If you mean what other sites there are such as we can also provide an answer.

  • TV based sites
Some of the children's TV channels such as Nickelodeon have created their own online website that offers games and other activities. These sites are designed for children to learn from. One site is Another site is that has educational games, activities and even shows. It is a research based site vetted by Public Broadcasting Service.

  • Non mainstream sites
Just about any company can start a website for kids such as This website is still an educational center with games, animals, art, history and much more. It has a girls' and boys' area. Another site includes that teaches math, grammar, science, spelling, history and much more.

  • Facebook
Sites such as Facebook are also available for kids. Parents do need to give permission for any website they allow their children on. Facebook and sites such as offer plenty of online activities in game mode. One can also search for game sites in order to find something that may be less educational oriented.

For example, or are two sites that allow kids to play games that are not based exclusively on learning. They are meant to be fun and entertaining.

Stay Teen, for example, allows one to build avatars and test relationships. There are also plenty of virtual world options such as that has 3-D avatars for kids that are 3 to 10 years old. All of these sites are free to access; as long as the parent provides permission when signing up.
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They have (but I think you have 2 download) (definitely download)

thats all I can think of right now anyone feel free 2 add more!!!

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