What's Different Between DSL & WiFi?


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Curtis Duncan answered
Dsl is run through a cable and wi fi stands for Wireless Fidelity and is picked up by a computer via a network card or built in receiver, you can hook a Wi fi router up to dsl and have wi fi broadcast through your whole house
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Daljeet Kaur answered
DSL:Entehernet Running   Trought Via Enthernet Or Via Landline Cable IT CAN PRODUCE WIFI DEPPENDING ON MODEM

WiFi:Wireless Fidelty Of Wireless Acsess Internet Point Via Wireless Network Acsess

What I Mean To REally Say Is WiFi is just a wireless network where you can scan wireless devices (Laptop,PSP,DSi,SOME COMPUTERS) Dsl Is Usage Of Via Enthernet Port To Plug Into Enthernet Port Devices Like Computers Or Laptops

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