What's The Best Way To Hook Up A Vacuum Pump On A Ac Split System?


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Once you have installed the inside and outside units of your split system air conditioner, you can then hook up a vacuum pump to complete the system installation. It’s important to bleed the air and humidity from the refrigerant circuit, and using a vacuum pump is the best way to do it. In order to hook up the vacuum pump you should remove the caps from the two-way and three-way valves, as well as the service port. Then connect the vacuum pump hose to the service port before switching on the vacuum until it reaches an absolute vacuum of 10mm Hg. Now, you can close the low-pressure knob and switch off the vacuum. Make sure to check and test each valve and joint for leaks before disconnecting the vacuum and replacing the service port and caps that you removed. 

After this, you can cover any joints in the pipes with insulating tape, attach the piping to the wall and then seal up the hole that will be in the wall.

Before you get to the state of hooking up a vacuum pump on an AC split system, you will have needed to install the indoor and outdoor units first. To install the indoor unit you will need to secure the mounting plate to a strong wall before making a hole in the wall that will fit the piping. Check all of the electrical connections before connecting the pipes, running it from the indoor unit towards the hole in the wall. You can then secure the pipe to the indoor unit and secure it to the wall, making sure to guide all of the piping outside.

To install the outdoor unit, find the best position for it before connecting the electrical wires according to the unit’s diagram. Finally, secure the pipe’s flare nuts to the outdoor unit via the corresponding pipes.
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You don't say why you need to fit a vacuum pump. Take it from an A/C technician, don't play with A/C unless you know what you are doing. You could end up releasing all your refrigerant into the atmosphere and therefore breaking the law.
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The best way to hook up a vacuum pump on an A/C split system is to connect the pump with those plugs which have been shown in the manual and in the diagrams which are shown in the manual.
In fact manual will guide you properly but for more information you can also search and learn on the following website.
Remember to plug the same color wires with each other because it is also the recommended way to hook up a vacuum pump.

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