Where Can You Find Dance On Meez?


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Finding Dance on Meez seems to be a bit of a mystery to many users. It looks like this could be a matter of going in and having a look in the various neighbourhoods, or hoods, available. Various comments suggest that Dance can be found in most of them, although some users seem to be much more certain about this than others.

The majority of users agree that some can be found in Chilville, one of the hoods. The Little Wedding Chapel contains Dance, as do Baby Bling, the Ballyhoo Freak Show and Susumo Dojo. There is a possibility that the Dark Attic may be hiding some, too.

The Uptown hood definitely has at least two areas where Dance may be located, namely Café Mo-by and bandslam. Burbia promises Dance in the Miley Cyrus hangout.

How exactly Dance may be found in any of these locations appears to be another one of those things only the really dedicated users will ever find out for sure. One user suggested that typing words such as rap, rockout and kiss, dance or hello may produce dance opportunities.

The homepage of Meez has one single word reference to Dance in a description of the various entertainment opportunities. Consulting the help files was sadly about as much use as a cat flap in an elephant house. They are brilliant, no doubt, but references to Dance are non-existent.

This is a real shame, as it seems that many users are interested in Dance but are unable to figure out just how to find and use it. A little more advice may be helpful, unless it is meant to be a treat for regular users only.

As it stands at the moment, it is definitely a case of logging in, visiting the various hoods and having a look around.
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You all fail. Beginners.
All the dance moves are NOT in Chillville.
There's lots more.
I have them all. Except VIP.
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All the dance moves are in Chillville I reccomend you to check there and the little wedding chapel

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