What Is A Meez Action?


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A meez action is an animation you can do OUTSIDE of meez maker. Which means that you can go to Thesee places such as Baby Bling in Uptown ( meez nation) , and buy a dance known as the
Cupid shuffle. Or if you are a vip on meez, you can buy Thesee actions,

Island Two Step
High Kick
Double Punch
And The flips and turns you can find at the carnival in meez mansion
If you are a vip you also have actions that come with vip, such as the vip dance , the frustration scream and much much more. But unfortunately unlike me ( I'm ma vip) others who arent vips can't get as much . And vips can buy dances and stuff that regular meezers can buy. The regular meez dances are the Lay down, Chill, Cupid shuffle,Kick,Punch,2 flips from the carnival

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