Can A Software Engineer Become A IAS Officer?


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A Software engineer can become an IAS.
The only thing for preparing are ...
1. Have wish to appear and pass the exam with good marks.
2. Daily 4-5 hours + Full Saturday and Sunday are enough for the preparation. If you are getting the less free time than this then you can have two ways to go for IAS
a. Leave your current job and give your 100 % to UPSC.
B. Keep you current job and if you are not getting the time less than 4-5 hr a day...then plan your studies for two year...have the target for the second attempt. Here you should be confident that you should reach atleast to the Mains...if you crack the mains will be a sugur in milk.

I choose the second option as I cannot have more than 3-4 hrs a day but have full Sat and Sunday.
I am preparaing for the CSE with the 2 years plan (only high level planning is done till now) and my targte is to get through CSE in UPSC-2011.
I will there in 2011 All India List and IAS batch 2011...Are you?
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Yes... Ofcourse a little effort must be placed along with confidence....
-he should develop knowledge on the following topics...
--history ,geography, indian polity , (ncert books till 12th is enough for cracking preliminary)
--current affairs and general knowledge should be improved
-- as a software engineer you might be prepared for aptitude test which is sufficient..
--effectively writing essays on current topics is necessary.
      Apart from this strong will is very much important...
                            All the best
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After reading above 2 comments i just got what i need and that is the believe to become an IAS officer , i am a software engineer and if i want then i have atleast 4 hours freedom to prepare for ias exam daily , thankyou guys for this wonderful thoughts. it makes my first step to the journey to become an ias officer.
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software engineer can become an IAS officer. All they need is to start
preparing for the exam. You also need to stay alert for the exam as you need to
fill the application form so that you can appear for the test. You can take the
help of coaching or you can prepare all by yourself. You just need focus and materials
to crack any exam.

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