How Was The Internet Discovered?


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Internet is called as a networks of network first designed to serve US Army during world war II. That time it is called as ARPA, Which is a collection of computers which are connected with each other and allowed to share data between each other.

If any one of the computers got damaged others can able to share informations.

Then this system is allowed to used by US Universities. First users are of Stanford and other major American university but it was restricted between researchers itself.

then during 80's Tim beaners Lee who is the father of internet(WWW) found TCP/IP protocol which helped him to transmit data successfully between two computers which are different from each other. he discovered a lot of related technologies which allowed all the members to share the data and information. He created W3C which is the governing body of internet related technologies.

Due to his discovery internet got most popularity and went public during 1990's and We Indians got during 1995 Aug 15.
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The Internet is discovered by human.Maybe Monster discovered it. I'm joking.
The internet resulted from a DARPA research effort to link computers together for research data sharing. The basic drive for the program was to create a self healing network that would allow communications even in the event of war. The system as designed worked on 9/11 , when the trade center towers fell many lines were cut but data was routed around the lost nodes.
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Very good question. Basically it started with two guys who had an idea of linking their computers. I saw a show about it in one of the Discovery channels, but cannot remember the name. Here is what I found: - This first page gives you a lot of detail, but it is thick - This is easier to read, but it does not have as much details as the first - This one gives you a nice time-line to what we know today as the internet.  Enjoy!
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Internet is basically an interconnected network of computer networks that works towards data interchange by packet switching using TCP/IP Suite globally.

The history of Internet dates back to the USSR launch of Sputnik, that triggered US to create an advanced research projects agency. This agency created an information processing technology office. This project was looked after by Licklider.

He moved to Harvard University in 1950. When he became the Vice President of BBN, he bought the first PDP=1 Computer. He had appointed Lawrence Roberts for establishing a network. Their network was called APRANET. This APRANET was the first form of internet.

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First in the us army during world war two later it was improvised by the indians I guess
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I think maybe 10, 15 years ago. And if thats wrong, then ask some one else. I mean yeah, they send the first e-mail a long time ago, but that doesn't cover the WHOLE internet. We could have had internet like 10,000 years ago, but the kings had  to like money more than invent,
so when people just started inventing the king would order them to fight in  war, and then they would die. And so like I said, the internet was invented/discovered about 10 or 15 years ago.

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