Can You Describe The Keyboard?


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The musical keyboard is composed of black and white keys. The black keys usually found above the white keys are played in a half tone and usually represent either a sharp or a flat depending on the musical symbol assigned to it. Each set of 8 keys is an octave. Is this the keyboard you're asking about?
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Most of the computer data is entered through the keyboards. In earlier time, keyboards were connected to a punching machine. Pressing of a key is used to result in making holes in the cards, called punched cards. These punched cards were then inserted into the computer. This type of the input system in which the input device is not directly connected to a computer is called off-line. Nowadays keyboards are directly attached to the computers. The data is therefore directly fed to the computer. The system where the input device is attached to the computer is called an online system. Earlier keyboards used to have less than 60 keys. But nowadays keyboards with over 100 keys is common.

These keys can be grouped according their functions. All alphabets a to z can be typed using these keys and upper case letter can be typed by using the shift key or by using the caps lock keys. Decimal numbers are often available twice on the keyboards. The keyboard has a separate block of keys representing numbers that can be used for calculation. Some keys with specific functions are provided like Home and End keys allow users to move instantly to the beginning or the end of a stored document.
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The keyboard is a device attaches to your computer it falls into the category of I/O devices (input /output devices) its an input device that you can use to input data into your computer.

When you type the number zero for instance the pc dose not recognize that zero,
it gets translated into computer language that is ASCII coder.
each number or letter has its own ASCII code that will be ;alter translated to its equivalent binary code.

Binary codes are sets of 0 or 1.For example the number 0 will be 0000 in binary
number and 1 will be 0001 and number 2 will be 0010 and so on.

So when you press a letter on your keyboard it will go through many processes and routines until the PC understands what that button you pressed really means.

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