What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Playing Games?


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The advantages are that they are fun to play and all that and the disadvantage is that they can mess with people's brains
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Advantages  - can be good for your brian and you tend to retain a lot of information.

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there! It will really depend on the games you play! I personally enjoy mobile apps,
and this arcade platformer: is now my favourite! Do
note that this form of entertainment is more convenient and users can play
anywhere! You might want to check for a wider choice! On the other
hand, do note that I have already tried Sony’s PlayStation and other consoles,
but they just did not have the same appeal! When it comes to disadvantages, I
can only think about one thing and it’s addiction! However, this depends on
individuals and you will find more details here: Hope this helps and happy

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Some people like strategies, others prefer to kill monsters or zombies, as for me I like to play quick and simple flash games. Usually I go to unblocked games where you can find tons of stuff like that. Feel nostalgia and satisfaction when you kick your enemies' asses in MK.

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You know, talking about video games, it's just a waste of time in my opinion. If I spend my spare time behind the computer, I always do something kinda useful. For example, now I am trying to master this video editor - So later I would be able to do some cool video effects.

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There are different types of games. I will give you some
pros and cons of online ones.
A few of the advantages are that you get a good hand-eye coordination and you
may become better at taking decisions. However, it may lead to obesity and it can turn into an
addiction for some people.

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