How Much Is My Ps2 Worth?


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Dee-Jay Hange Profile
Dee-Jay Hange answered
Depends on amount of controllers and games. With 2 controllers no games here in seattle the pawn shop will give me 69 for it so yeah and seattle has a strong economey and a high minnimun wage. In arkansas I bet it would be like 49.
Arsalan Maqbool Profile
Arsalan Maqbool answered
It depends on what model is your play stations 2 and how old it is and specially how is its lens? It could be anywhere between $80 to $150 depending on its condition.
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Anonymous answered
I buy Ps2 for around £50 then sell them for around £100 THEY ARE USED BUT I don't TELL THE PEOPLE THAT
Brandon Justice Profile
Brandon Justice answered
5 cents

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