I Need Objective Questions For Computer Subjects. Can Someone Help Me?


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Please help me for the test of computer teacher in punjab
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Yeah, here r some:
1)wht is the full form of RAM,ROM,CPU,ALU, SO ON.
2)wht is the main part of the entire set of computer?(ans:CPU unit)
3)who convert analog signals to digit signals?(ans:SMPS:Switch Mode Power Supply)
4)wht r the input device n output device?(ans:ouput: Monitor,speaker,headphone so on and input:keyboard,mouse,headphone so on.
4)what is the minimum capacity name of the removeable shotage device(floppy disk)
5)what system of intake is accepted by computer?(ans:Binary system)
6)what is the size of one side DVD disk?(ans:8.5GB)
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I will guide you to a few web site links where the computer science objectives are available you can read it or if you want you can save that text to your computer.
The first web site link is the www.cs.ucd.ie where the doc format computer science objects are available.
In this next web site you can see both type of questions of the computer science some are long other are the computer science objective type questions.
This next web site link help you in your education as well as in your career it's the best web site that I have ever seen so for so you can take help from there too.

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u can see objective type questions in computer science in the blog www.pscoldquestions.blogspot.com

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In library science field

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