Is There A Website For Jailbirds Publication In Greenville Sc?


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Unfortunately no, it does not seem like there is currently a website for Jailbirds publication in Greenville Sc.

However there is one that covers Charleston SC and other locations.

This Jailbirds publication website can be found at:

The website covers North and South Carolina and its purpose is to highlight the crimes that are being committed in the area and who by. They say people have the right to know and so they are providing this service.

If you want to find out if there is to be a Jailbirds website specific for Greenville Sc and to do with the Greenville prison then you may wish to contact the prison directly.
You can contact Greenville Federal Prison in the following ways:

· By post or visiting the prison at:

100 U.S. HWY 40

· By phone on: 618-664-6200

Simply explain what you are after and they are sure to let you know an answer either way.

If there isn't one set up and there's not one in the pipeline then you may even want to consider running it yourself. You could contact the site and ask for any tips on how to start up and what needs to be done to keep it maintained.

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