Where Can I Get A Free Full Version Of The Game Stronghold Crusader?


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Unfortunately you cannot get a legal free version of the game Stronghold crusader. However, you can purchase Stronghold Crusader from the publisher's online store found on take2store.stores.yahoo.net/ They ship all round the world. Alternatively, you can buy and download the game online from www.gametap.com
There is a strategy guide for the game created by Bradygames. Unfortunately they no longer list this on their website. But you can purchase it from Amazon from the following locations:
United Kingdom - www.amazon.co.uk
United States - www.amazon.com
Japan - www.amazon.co.jp
Germany - www.amazon.de
France - www.amazon.fr
Canada - www.amazon.ca
Stronghold Crusader needs to be installed in an account with administrator privileges. A useful guide to managing windows user accounts can be found on www.vista4beginners.com/Manage-User-Accounts To be able install the game in Windows Vista, you will need to be running Windows Vista in an account with Administrator permissions. When playing the game, it must also be played from an account of this type, or else some game information will not save correctly.
You can also download the three Al opponents separately from the following links:
The Sheriff - files.filefront.com/Stronghold+Crusader+The+Sheriff/;9551482
Philip - files.filefront.com/Stronghold+Crusader+Phillip/;9551470;/fi
Frederick - files.filefront.com/Stronghold+Crusader+Frederick/;9551449;/
Otherwise you can download them all from Stronghold Knights by clicking on www.stronghold-knights.com
If you are struggling with the game you can enable the cheat mode by holding [ctrl] TRIBLADE2002 at the main menu. Enter one of the codes below during gameplay to achieve the desired effect:
All missions unlocked [alt] + C
No resources required to build [alt] + K
100 popularity and gold [alt] + X
Additionally, the fan site www.stronghold-knights.com/ may help to solve various problems as it contains loads of walkthroughs.
If you need any help with map editing you can visit special user created websites which offer guides already created to help you:
Stronghold Knights - www.stronghold-knights.com/
Heavengames - stronghold.heavengames.com/
If you like the game’s original soundtrack you can find a MP3 version of all songs on: stronghold.heavengames.com/downloads/lister.php?category=mis
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Hew look try to be search in Taringa.com is a spanish link but there so much games try it.
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You can download a demo from fireflyworlds.com or you can buy the full version from gog.com

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