What Is The Best Pixel Resolution?


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The highest pixel resolution is the best resolution. One thousands pixels make up one megapixel. Megapixel cameras provide the best resolution. The highest megapixel resolution available in cameras is 9.2 megapixels which gives a resolution of 3840 by 2400 pixels. A 9.2 megapixel camera is also known WQUXGA (Wide Quad eXtended Graphics Array). The best pixel resolution on a computer monitor is 1024 by 768 pixels. The computer monitor is best viewed at this resolution and every detail is easily noticed. It is also important to have the right colour setting such as brightness, contrast etc. for a perfect picture experience. High definition televisions such as LCD and Plasma televisions use the highest possible pixel resolution to give that perfect viewing experience.
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The best resolution to use with any monitor or HDTV is its native resolution. To find the native resolution of your Dynex HDTV, you need to read the TV's manual.

640x480 pixels is better because the pixel represents the number of dots(pixels) on the picture... More pixels means more refinement... Its like creating a figure with some squares the smaller the squares the better your picture will be,,, And So the bigger the resolution the better the image.To calculate dpi of screen or screen density also the pixel per inch you can use this PPI Calculator,it shows the instant results.

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