Can I Buy An Australian SIM Card From


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sam smith answered
Hi. Yes you can buy of ebay I used & also www.experimentalist.couk thay ship all over the world. I ordered a Australian sim card and I live in the UK and got to me the very next day after I paid.
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Mark Westbrook answered
Australian SIM cards can be purchased from a number of websites. However, and sell all types of Australian SIM cards, including Vodaphone, Telsta and Virgin mobile phone providers.  The prices range from dirt cheap upwards.  This website will sell you a pay and go sim card for Australia.  Sometimes its still cheaper to buy one when you get there!

This site also do them and ship across the world:

This is a company that I have used myself, they are very helpful, I used it for an American sim card and I was happy with it all.  I had a few problems but the team are quick and knowledgeable in sorting it out effectively.

Do a bit of research and try to get the best deal, one thing to keep in mind is the price of topping up when you get there.

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