What Made Bill Gates Successful?


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Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world as well as being a great tech giant in the world. His company Microsoft is a leading player in software and other computer applications. He actually propagated three vital steps for success. The first thing necessary according to him is vision. It can also be called as a foresight to anticipate and look into the future. This is a trait which was found in most successful people all over the world at all times.

The next thing according to Bill gates is plain luck which he describes as being in the right place at the right time. He is of the opinion that a lot depends on the favour that the Goddess of Fortune decides to shower on a person for his success. The third thing that a person needs to be successful according to Bill Gates is to have the capability to recognize a good idea and take actions to realize the idea.
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Bill Gates and his wife now run a foundation that donates millons of dollars every year to fighting diseases like malaria,
A.I.D.S.and waterborne diseases like cholera and dysentry.
They provide the funds to keep research teams and workers
in some of the poorest countries in the world.
This is a huge effort, and it is the Gate's full time job now, keeping this foundation operating around the world.
This extreme wealth has been put to the best possible use, and it is very good to know, that every time we buy
anything computer related with Microsoft on it, that we are helping save someone's life.
This certainly is not the case with many of the world's billionaires
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Bill Gates, an American, is thought to be the most wealthy man in the world. This is very likely to be true; he is the inventor of what we know as Microsoft. Bill Gates was the computer engineer who invented the MS-DOS operating system, that is now the dominant operating system in all computer technology today. If you own a computer , either PC or laptop, it will most likely run MS-DOS software such as Microsoft Office, Windows, and many other applications. Every purchase of a Microsoft product makes Bill Gates even more wealthy! Americans regard Bill Gates as a true "computer genius" for his invention of MS-DOS and Microsoft. He changed the world of technology as we knew it. Microsoft's only real competitor is Apple, which runs a distant "second place." Many people still see Apple/Macintosh as the REAL computer software and hardware; they stand by their preference. The rest of the world, however, uses MS-DOS and Microsoft, thanks to Bill Gates.
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Bill Gates epitomizes the success story of the late 20th century about an entrepreneur who starts a small business from a tiny space and grows it into one of the most powerful companies in the world, changing millions of lives and making huge amounts of money in the process. In the world greatest business  article, you will learn about Bill Gates' 5 business book recommendations. Gates says what is that he is an avid reader, averaging more than 50 books yearly.

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Just plain luck

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