What Is The Difference Between Browsing And Surfing The Net?


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It's semantics. Skimming and scanning have both been confused over the years also. Browsing and surfing can probably be divided into the same sort of categories. Browsing is more like skimming- just seeing what is available, getting a "feel" for what is out there. Surfing is more like scanning. You are looking for something and must pay attention to what "pops up".

More important is- what are the sources you are looking at to obtain information? Using the internet is awesome, but it is the users responsibility to judge each website for authenticity. Is the information valid? Where did it originate? Is it biased? Researched?

Take the time to investigate each source of information. Soon you will be an expert at browsing and surfing, relying on valid sources of information.
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Browsing or Surfing the Internet

browsing the internet The words “Browsing” or “Surfing” are used to describe the process of looking at documents, websites and web pages on the Internet. As mentioned earlier you will need to use a Web Browser for this. Many people will use Internet Explorer, which is the Microsoft Browser that is supplied with most PCs, but there are alternative (some say better) solutions such as Firefox and Opera.

Browsing behaviour differs from person to person. To access a website you can either type the domain name (the website address – more later) of the website directly into the address bar or you can use a search engine to search for the site using the business name or some other keywords that you know can be found on the website.
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As per my knowledge surfing means looking at the information or the document and at the same time browsing means looking at your personal information or personal mail ...etc this is Anwesh from india
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