Can I Unlock A Motorola Ic402?


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Yes, the ability to unlock any cell phone from any network that the cell phone is locked to is a legal requirement, all mobile phone service providers have to comply so it is relatively easy to get your phone unlocked, although to do so will usually incur a cost.

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is unique to every cell phone worldwide. This can be found underneath the battery when removing the casing of the cell phone or by keying *#06# into the cell phone. The IMEI number is essential in being able to unlock the cell phone from the network.

Many websites will charge a fee for this, however according to many YouTube users, software is available that can unlock any motorola cell phone absolutely free. The software is called Mototools 6.2 the consensus is to download, install and register this software then apparently it is simply a matter of:

1. Entering the cell phone model by scrolling through the list of cell phones

2. Selecting the network that the cell phone is locked to

3. Entering the EMEI number

4. Entering your personal password (from registration)

5. Clicking the 'unlock' button

6. Entering the resultant code into the cell phone to be unlocked

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