How Can I Send Free Texts (sms) In The UK?


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Chips Ters answered

I advise you to visit the website of Atompark. I have been using their services for a long time and I can say that sending messages is one of the key services. Moreover, they have learned to bypass the system of protection of many mails and the percentage of messages getting into spam is minimal.

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Mark Westbrook answered
If you are a Mac User, there is one wonderful widget (a tiny desktop programme) called CallWave, which allows you to send SMS messages from anywhere to International Numbers or Canada and the United States of America.

If you are NOT a Mac User, you can go to a friendly little website from CBF (which stands for Cardboard Fish!) very simple and user friendly, you can send a limited number of texts to UK mobiles.  They also promise not to sell your details on to other companies!

Joining Lycos Mail will give you 30 free SMS per month, but there is a cost to joining Lycos.  O2 also allows you a certain amount of free texts when you purchase internet texts. is another amazing free website for sending sms, you do have to join but at least then, they are totally free!

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