How To Get My Hack Licence?


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To get a hack licence (a licence which enables you to drive a taxi in the United States of America), you need to be at least 19 years old, possess a chauffeur's licence or its equivalent, have no pending obligation to the DMV, the NYC PVB or the NYC TLC, to file a notarised child support certification form, to produce an original social security card, to present a valid form of photo identification which is issued by the United States or any state of territory thereof.

The candidate must complete defensive driving class which has been certified by the NYS DMV not earlier than a duration of six months before the application is filed, must have a primary residential address in the United States of America, be examined by a doctor, complete the TLC driver application and have the form A notarised and if the candidate fails to comply with any of these requirements within a duration of four months, his application is automatically denied.
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You can find more info about hack license in this website:
You have to pass a TLC exam in order to get a license. You must attend an authorized Taxi school, you can find sample of questions here:
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I had a hack licence 9 yrs ago do I reinstate it or do I have to take a test and start over, what is the cost and requirements? No records etc.

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