What Happens When A Picture Tube Goes?


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When a picture tube goes, you will notice that the image on the TV isn't the same as it was, or it will not be there at all. 

The result of a broken picture tube can vary in appearance, but I've made a list below of the common signs.

Signs of a broken picture tube:

  • Colours may start to look unusual. For example, the skies may appear green, whilst the grass appears blue. You may also notice dark spots on the screen
  • The image may appear to be primarily in one colour. It may be appear to have a coloured hue, most commonly green or purple
  • The image may flash intermittently, or not appear at all
  • The TV may crackle fizz
  • You may notice areas which are blurred
  • The screen may cut out completely
  • If the screen appears to glow after it has been turned off, then this is a sign that the tube is deteriorating

Some picture tubes can be repaired, but do not try to do this yourself unless you are a professional, as it can be highly dangerous to open a tube TV. Picture tubes are becoming much more uncommon, and as such, repair will become more difficult and expensive. 

It may be time to upgrade to an LCD.

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