Can Explain The Limitation Of M.i.s?


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Limitation of MIS
1. The quality of the outputs of MIS is largely governed by the quantity of inputs and processes.
2. MIS is not a substitute for effective management. It is merely an important tool in the hands of executive for decision-making and problem solving.
3. MIS may not have requisite flexibility to quickly update itself with changing needs of time, especially in fast changing and complex environment.
4. MIS cannot provide tailor-made packages suitable for the purpose of every type of decisions made by managers.
5. MIS takes into account only the quantitative factors. Non-quantitative factors like morale and attitude of the members of the organization, which have an important bearing on decision-making process, is conveniently ignored.
6. MIS is less useful for making non-programmed decisions.
7. The effectiveness of MIS gets reduced in the organization of the type where information sharing is not adopted as culture.
8. MIS effectiveness decreases if there is frequent change of guards at the top management and/or frequent alterations in the organizational structure or the operational team.

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