What Is The Difference Between CLR. CLS And CTS ?


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CLR is the common language runtime. Inside CLR there is CTS and CLS. CLS is the common language Specification. CTS is common Type specification. CLS is a subset of CTS. CTS checks for the type specification eg whether the correct parameter is passed for example whether correct data types are present.
The CTS takes place after the MSIL code is generated. This is done to enforce strict type checking and security. Languages like VB.NET does  not have a strict type checking system. CLS checks whether the memory access is proper.Unsafe memory access is not permitted. This enforces tough security in CLR. CLS is a common language specification to which all the languages must adhere.
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The .NET framework permits objects, classes and functions, which are created in many programming languages to communicate among themselves. In this process of communication,we find the common type systems (CTS), the common language runtime (CLR) and the common language specification (CLS). Microsoft created the Microsoft intermediate language(MSIL or IL). This code MSIL or IL allows Visual Basic.NET and Visual C#.NET to function and allows for .NET to work with any third-party tools. With The CLR, CLS and CTS being written into MSIL program developers can build an application in the source code to deploy within the .NET framework.

When a .NET application code is written it is compiled to MSIL. The CLR will then examine it and determine the progam requirements. CLR, CTS and CLS all work together with MSIL to execute the .NET functions in Visual Basic, Visual #3, Visual C++ and JavaScript language.

Go to the following website to find more information about language interoperability, and the need for common type systems, specifications and languages in computer technology. Program codes, objects, functions all have to work together through language or third-party tools would be of no value.

Also, you can enter the letters (CLR, CLS, CTS) into your search bar, click and find many sites for help with these issues. Or, spend more time on the CSharp site above, browsing by clicking all of the avaiable links. You will find many types of information about programming, objects, codes, functions, and more.

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