What Is The Full Form Of LOGO?


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If you're referring to the the computer program LOGO - then the word isn't actually an acronym, although many people mistakenly believe that it is.

In fact, LOGO is simply the name of a computer-programming language that many people may remember from attending primary school during the 1990s.

What does LOGO stand for?
In terms of the computer program, LOGO is best known for the 'turtle graphics' method of creating vector graphics on a Cartesian plane, based on relative position in relation to a cursor (also known as a 'turtle').

Although this form of LOGO is not an acronym, there are several lesser-known concepts and organizations that do use the abbreviation LOGO, however. These are:

  • Landelijk Overleg Gemeentebesturen Opvang (a Dutch organization which helps homeless asylum-seekers. The abbreviation translates to: "Discussion of Rural Municipalities on Shelter" in English).
  • Limitation Of Government Obligation is another term that is often shortened to LOGO.
  • Low Outlay Geared Option is a financial term that also relies on the LOGO acronym.
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Language-oriented graphic-oriented.
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Logic Oriented Graphics Oriented

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